Lesley Baker-Hames - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Things You Should Know

• The signed and witnessed Notice of Impending Marriage (NOIM) must be received by the celebrant at least one month to the wedding ceremony. This may be sent by fax or email as long as the original is also received before the wedding. The celebrant is an authorised witness. In exceptional circumstances a shortening of time may be applied for.

• Your celebrant must sight your original birth certificates and some photo identification.

Australian birth certificates can be obtained from the State in which you were born and you should allow at least three weeks for delivery. If born in WA, you can pick them up on the same day from your local Registry office or court house.

If your birth certificates are in a language other than English, an official translation from National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) should be obtained. See Related Links for a link to NAATI. Where an overseas birth certificate cannot be obtained for good reason, then a valid overseas passport can be used as evidence of name.

• Where either the bride or groom has been widowed or divorced, death or divorce certificates must be sighted by the celebrant prior to the marriage.

• Where a person wishes to marry while under the age of 18 consent for the marriage must be obtained from a magistrate as well as from the parents. Consent cannot be given if both parties are under the age of 18.

• Two witnesses over the age of 18 are required to sign the marriage certificates.

• A legal wedding service must include the Monitum and minimum Vows decreed by the Marriage Act 1961.

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